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  • 2895

    Light Wood Cabinet / Shelf Unit with Three Drawers ID:2895 Price:€74 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2893

    Four Cushioned Chairs ID:2893 Price:€160 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2941

    Porcelain Clown Figurines ID:2941 Price:€23 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2876

    Wooden Extendable Dining Table with Four Cushioned Matching Chairs ID:2876 Price:€125 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2945

    LG 32" Colour TV with remote ID:2945 Price:€92 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2583

    Slate Marble Cased Antique Mantle Clock ID:2583 Price:€135 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2890

    Single Blue Decorated Shisha Pipe ID:2890 Price:€45 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2647

    White Wood Distressed TV Stand / Cupboard ID:2647 Price:€40 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2635

    Lot of 30 Assorted Drill Bits ID:2635 Price:€12 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2633

    Lot of Three Engineering Compasses ID:2633 Price:€23 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2891

    General Electric Side by Side Fridge freezer ID:2891 Price:€285 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2946

    Two Door Sharp Superior Fridge Freezer ID:2946 Price:€180 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2897

    Light Wood Oval Kitchen Table ID:2897 Price:€45 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2951

    Ignis FL1100 A Class Washing Machine ID:2951 Price:€114 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2952

    Elpa Two Door Fridge Freezer ID:2952 Price:€74 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2818

    Wooden Decorated Bar Unit ID:2818 Price:€34 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2873

    Matestar Microwave Oven ID:2873 Price:€28 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2450

    Pine Table-Slightly Oval with Six pine wood CY style Kitchen chairs - Woven Seating ID:2450 Price:€102 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2954

    Large Wicker Laundry Basket ID:2954 Price:€34 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>

  • 2850

    Vintage Longcase Clock with key. Chiming. ID:2850 Price:€137 **Nicosia Saleroom** more >>