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  • a€? Blue Colour Fabric 3-Seater Sofa with 5 x Matching Armchair >>>

    ID: Lim-71286 Buy Now €170
  • a€? Small Occasional Table with Marble Top & Carved Legs >>>

    ID: Lim-71285 Buy Now €68
  • Sony CD Player, CP-XE330 Plus Amp. Cambridge 540 >>>

    ID: Lim-71268 Buy Now €170
  • DeLonghi Deep Fat Fryer, Boxed >>>

    ID: Lim-71266 Buy Now €34
  • Small Box of Glasses >>>

    ID: Lim-71265 Buy Now €3
  • 1940 Egyptian 10 Piastres Banknote >>>

    ID: Lim-71263 Buy Now €22
  • 5x Silver Plated Paper Weights and 1x Silver Plated Bottle Opener >>>

    ID: Lim-71259 Buy Now €34
  • Small Garden Bamboo Table and Three Chairs >>>

    ID: Lim-71258 Buy Now €22
  • Three Silver Plated Candlestick Holders >>>

    ID: Lim-71254 Buy Now €38
  • Qunatity of Crystal Glasses >>>

    ID: Lim-71251 Buy Now €10
  • Box of Assorted Glassware and Crockery >>>

    ID: Lim-71247 Buy Now €11
  • 'Fagor' Hand Mixer and 'Diva' Philips Iron >>>

    ID: Lim-71246 Buy Now €17
  • 'Harbour at Sunrise' Large Print in Decorative Frame >>>

    ID: Lim-71244 Buy Now €50
  • 'Winter Swans' Large Print in Wooden Frame >>>

    ID: Lim-71243 Buy Now €38
  • Set of Four Pictures of Cyprus (Pastel, Photograph and Watercolou >>>

    ID: Lim-71242 Buy Now €34
  • Magazine Rack and Pen Holder >>>

    ID: Lim-71241 Buy Now €9
  • Three Square Stools (Matching) >>>

    ID: Lim-71240 Buy Now €17
  • 'Super General' Electric Grill and Block of Kitchen Knives >>>

    ID: Lim-71238 Buy Now €17
  • Clothes Airer and Ironing Board >>>

    ID: Lim-71234 Buy Now €11
  • 'Ariston' Gas Oven >>>

    ID: Lim-71232 Buy Now €57
  • Glass Fronted Display Cabinet with Lights >>>

    ID: Lim-71231 Buy Now €270
  • 'Brandt' Gas Oven >>>

    ID: Lim-71230 Buy Now €90
  • Dining Room Display Unit (2 x Pieces) >>>

    ID: Lim-71229 Buy Now €270
  • Samsung Fridge Freezer >>>

    ID: Lim-71228 Buy Now €105
  • Box with a Quantity of Bottle Optics and a Cork Screw >>>

    ID: Lim-71227 Buy Now €17
  • Blue-Ray Disc/DVD Player with Built in HDD and HD Tuner >>>

    ID: Lim-71226 Buy Now €90
  • Collection of 32x Single Records in Case >>>

    ID: Lim-71225 Buy Now €35
  • Framed Print of Water Colour by Gorot (1796 - 1875) and Water Col >>>

    ID: Lim-71224 Bidding Starts €15
  • Parasol (Photo Example Only, Please See Actual Item) >>>

    ID: Lim-71212 Buy Now €27
  • Parasol (Photo Example Only, Please See Actual Item) >>>

    ID: Lim-71211 Buy Now €27
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