How An Auction Works

Auctions are a fun way to buy (&)and sell virtually anything! You can view the items online then visit the sale rooms during the week or the offical official  ‘viewing day’ to inspect in person.

The auction starts at the designated time from Lot 1 and bidding is invited from the auctioneers auctioneer’s ‘starting price’, each interested party will raise their ‘Paddle’ (allocated bidders number) and place the next bid – once everyones everyone has finished, the highest bid wins and we proceed to Lot 2.

Our auctions generally have approximately 500-600 Lots and on average 100 – 140 Lots per hour will go under the hammer.

When finished, go into the office where you’ll receive an invoice for all the items you were successful in winning, along with the auction premium and VAT added. Upon payment being made in full, you are free to take the items from the auction sale rooms.

By arrangement, you can leave a 25% deposit and collect the items over the following 2 working days having made full (along with) payment of any balance.

If you are unable to attend the auction in person, you can leave a ‘Book Bid’ (also known as an Absentee Bid or Commission Bid) instructing the auction to bid on your behalf up to a pre set limit and win the item for the lowest price it can. Learn more about Book Bids; click here.

If you are interested to sell any items by auction, please visit our Sellers page, click here..