Book Bids

How to bid if you cannot attend an auction.

You can buy items in the auction without being there in person. If you are unable to attend the auction, you can submit a ‘Book Bid’ where we will bid on your behalf during the auction up to a maximum price you have pre-agreed with us.

We will always endeavour to buy the item for the lowest price we can within your pre-set limit. After the auction we will contact you to let you know if the item was won.

Book bids are also commonly known as ‘Absentee Bids’ or ‘Commission Bids’.

Important aspects of Book Bids;

• Tell us the maximum amount you would pay for each item – we will bid UP TO this figure in the auction. Should the auctioneer start the bidding starts at a lower price, you may be successful winning the item below your Book Bid. Similar to eBay, we’ll treat this strictly as your maximum bid and you’ll only ever pay the sale price as a result from the natural bidding during the auction.

• To submit a book bid, we will require your name, address and telephone numbers, together with the item ID or Lot number, description (to avoid any confusion) and the maximum bid (excluding the 10% auction premium). If you have not previously registered or are from overseas, we reserve the right to request further information or payments details before your bid can be accepted.

• You can leave Book Bids in person if you visit the Sale Room before the auction, alternatively you can send us an email or private Facebook message (NOT public posts), containing the information stated above.

• Castle Auctions will endeavour to notify you on the same day as the auction, or the next working day, however you are advised to contact us to check the success of your bids.

• If you win any items in the auction, you have entered into a binding contract to purchase the items and are required to pay and collect the items on the same day, or within a maximum of 2 working days.

If you have any questions or require any help, please contact us anytime.